Credit Building and Repair Loan Program*

No credit history?
Blemishes on your credit history that you would like to correct?

Renting a place to live, employment, car loan, home loan - credit is needed for a lot of things. Without credit, chances are you may face challenges that could make it difficult to do what you want to do. Having poor credit can mean paying higher interest rates on loans and/or receiving less favorable terms.

Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union is here to help get you On Track.

Our On Track loan program is designed for members who want to establish credit or repair damaged credit. On Track will enable you to borrow a small amount of money at a low interest rate and low monthly payments. Your successful loan repayment history is reported to the credit bureaus which can help you establish credit and/or build your credit score. 

Contact the consumer lending department today for more details about NEFCU's On Track program.   

*Must by 19 years of age or older. Subject to approval. Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice.