Looking at refinance options?

Consider our low-fee mortgage conversion option!

When considering a mortgage refinance, the expenses of refinancing need to be considered. Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union's Mortgage Conversion is an excellent alternative to refinancing. Members with a mortgage loan at the credit union can opt to move the balance of their mortgage to a different NEFCU mortgage loan product through Mortgage Conversion.  A Conversion Fee does apply and is based on the outstanding mortgage loan balance. 
  • It's hassle-free and quick!
  • ONLY Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union mortgage loans are eligible.
  • Loan amount can not be increased.
  • Balance of the loan will be amortized over remaining term.
  • Conversion fee applies and is based on the outstanding mortgage loan balance.
Avoid the high costs of a refinance. Contact our mortgage loan department and ask them about the Mortgage Conversion option. Our loan officers will be happy to review our conversion option with you, as well as provide information on cost, savings, and payments to guide you through the process of conversion.

Before you start the refinance journey, consider a Mortgage Conversion.

Call us 800-453-3913 or email at info@ne-fcu.org