They're Your Rewards, So You're In Charge!

Tired of hearing different reward cards claiming that they’re the best – even when they come with fees, high rates and hassles? We think our card is all you need!

The work you do every day is hard enough, so your credit card options shouldn't be complicated. Our Platinum MasterCard® Rewards Card offers low rates and fewer fees. In addition, our balance transfers have the same low rates as purchases, which makes this card the perfect balance transfer option. Our rewards have your best interests - and the lowest interest! - in mind. 

You’ll enjoy:

  • 1.5% Cash Back on ALL Purchases.
  • Low Rates.
  • No Annual Fee.
  • 24/7 account access with
  • Cash back rewards accumulated on each purchase.
  • Rewards credited to your credit card statement quarterly. 
  • 2.99% Balance Transfer!                   
Monitor your account online at
  • Check your balance and credit line.
  • Make payments.                                                             
  • View statements and activity.
  • Manage account information.
  • Download account data into Quicken or Microsoft Money accounting software.
  • Contact customer service.
We think you’ll give this rewards card a big thumbs up.