Meet The Board

These are the nine talented ladies and gentlemen who volunteer their time and expertise to lead Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union in a positive and successful direction. Board members are elected by Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union members at our annual meeting and serve for a three year term. Every month, they meet to figure out the tough stuff like determining dividends, interest rates, lending policies and other credit union matters.

All volunteers and staff are committed to providing an environment of prompt, professional service regarding member financial needs. It is essential that credit union employees and volunteers maintain the confidentiality of the financial affairs and transactions of our members.

These individuals are responsible for guiding and overseeing the direction of the credit union, while at all times keeping our members best interest a priority.  

Nikki Schultz - Chairman                                                                  Robert Beatty - Board Member
Jedd Fischer - Vice Chairman                                                                  David Rich  - Board Member                        Dan Buman - Vice Chairman/Treasurer                                                 Ed Wagner - Board Member
Jenny Hoefer - Vice Chairman/Secretary                                                 Ron Ziola - Board Member
                                                                                                        Erik Weinmeister - Board Member

The Supervisory Committee

This team of three volunteers is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for things like audits and verification of member accounts. They make sure Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union is in tip-top shape and that periodic audits are performed.

Mark Weeder — Chairman
Jane Cline — Secretary

Members wishing to contact the Supervisory Committee may do so by e-mailing
them at: