Set It and Forget It

At Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union, we’re all about limiting the number of steps it takes to manage your finances. That’s why we offer the following services to ensure you can set it and forget it. Click on any of the services to learn more!

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Automate with ACH


Bet you didn’t know that ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. You might also not have known that you can make recurring payments to or from your Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union share draft checking account through ACH Origination. You can designate an account at another financial institution to make payments to or from your Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union account.

Pay Your Bills with Payroll Deduction


Payroll Deduction at Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union lets members directly deposit paycheck funds to a credit union account. What’s more, you can also make loan payments using this service. That means each pay day your loan is automatically paid, without the hassle of transferring funds. This way you never accidentally miss a payment, and you have less bills to worry about.

Deposits Done Directly


Don’t mess with checks any longer. Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union members can set up electronic deposits of funds received from a wide variety of sources, including paychecks from employers or social security payments from the government.

Direct Deposit is faster and more secure than paper checks, and funds are available immediately. Use the information here to set up Direct Deposit today!

For Direct Deposit, you typically need the following:

  • Name of Institution:
    Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union
  • Address of Institution:
    1414 15th Street, P.O. Box 499, Columbus, NE  68602-0499
  • Institution Routing Number:
  • Checkings or Savings Account:
    For checking use acct on checks
    For savings include suffix # at the end